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Since my first post I have been asked about myRenderBeaver creative process and how I have learned to do what I have been doing. I thought it might be best to start with the more visual aspect and talk about 3D modelling.


This little guy was the first ever model I really tried my hand at, and as you can see he is very much on the basic end of the scale. I was intending to do a low poly Google Cardboard game that was much like a log ride in a theme park where the player had to hunt for treasure in a Disney-esque setting. I decided not to pursue that project at the time as the ideas behind Little Bit Lost had begun to form and I was very keen to begin working on them.

At this point I thought it was worth spending some more time learning to model in more detail and I began sifting through YouTube and learning everything I could. I was certainly inspired by a lot of the speed video, which show creation coming to life in a sped up time lapse, and I will share with you one that inspired me in its methods.

This video by PigArt was simple in its approach and results in a rather good looking low poly wolf. The approach of modelling based on a reference image gave me the confidence to try my hand at the technique and a lot of my modelling use this approach. I have even began doing a basic sketches (so bad I am not willing to share them) to get the ball rolling.

One of my biggest inspirations to modelling that I have to mention is Darren Lile ( He is a fantastic YouTube tutor, whose steam punk kid video series I have watch many times. He presents the content in a structure manner that even today when I am trying to remember a technique or hot key I know which video to watch and almost exactly where to resume watching from to find what I am looking for.

I am always learning and I am at a point where I feel that he texturing of my models is an area that I most need to spend time on I have recently made friends with a brilliant Brazilian developers that has offer to give me some pointers and I will certainly be taking him up on the offer! In the mean time I will share some low poly models I did for a game that I was a part of developing for the Global Game Jam 2016.

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