Hi All,

Just a quick post to talk about my blockers. For a few months I have been battling the evils of network code and it has been a massive trek up hill. Recently I had some small wins and crested the hill only to find it a small part of a larger mountain. For a long time the structural changes meant that the networking code was a blocker to working on anything else. Now that I have had some small wins I am taking a break from the networking portion to continue with game play development.

This mean networking is not in the current test builds I have right now but it will be in the future. I can now work on the network code in parallel to other areas without the overall structure stopping any progress. This will see me having more time to work on some modelling and animation aspects, improve the quality of the voxel world and begin to consider major areas like inventory, crafting, skills and end game story lines.

In the interim I will share with you a recent world generation bug (which I have now fixed).



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