Animating the ant

So recently I have spent some time learning to animate my ant so that soon I can give him a sense of purpose, allowing him to roam, hunt and attack his prey. I am continuing to work in Blender to achieve this goal and the below 3 GIF’s show how far he has come.

Ant walk

I am still aiming to have a hit reaction animation and a death animation and I am wrapping these up soon. Then the task of implementing it all into the game with a rudimentary AI begins…AntRun

A lot of what I have learned I have done through YouTube tutorials and again I can definitely say that good portion was learned from Darren Lile’s channel ( I found it difficult to implement some of the harder bone constraint techniques that may have made the process easy or more natural looking but I was happy with the result and have chosen to stick with these for now.


I hope you like what I have done so far



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