Over a year!

Hi All,
So I was recently looking through some old notes when I realised that I have been working on Little Bit Lost now for just over a year. My first initial ideas I began on the 28th of April and the first bits of code began on the 16th of May 2015.

Some days I feel like I have done a ton of work since then but other days I feel like I still have so much to do. And every time I look at my road map it reaffirms that I really do have so much to do. This can be hard as a independent developer when you want so badly to succeed but you rely heavily on yourself to get everything done. For all the budding young developers out there reading this blog remember the most important thing – You are doing it as this is your passion and you are only accountable to you!

I have had a break to some extent from smashing out work in recent times just to recharge and refocus and have used the time to plan for the next steps. Over the coming months I am planning on really fleshing out an inventory system and taking my ants controller to another level so that I can really get a great look from all aspects of the ant.

For now I will leave you with an image from the beginning of a model that I made in an effort to understand voxels and meshing using a smoothing algorithm. It made a world of difference and when I started to get the concepts I felt that I was well on my way to fleshing out what you see today 🙂




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