First Public Showing – Playup Perth

Hi All,
So it’s been a little while but I have had a lot going on both with Little Bit Lost and life in general. One of those things was the first public showing of Little Bit Lost at Playup Perth. This was for me a major stepping stone toward Perth Game Festival on October 1st. Getting some general feedback about the game was the primary goal of Playup for me, so I can refine and steer the game toward a much larger scale event that is Perth Game Festival.

The demo went really well on the night with a lot of really positive feedback both about the concept and the current state as well as areas for improvement. Using this feedback I will hopefully be able to really hone in on making things really great for PGF.

The Playup event was not without challenge, where in the lead up I had some of my biggest issues as a developer which I will share in more detail in another post.

I am now really excited excited for the the festival and what I have to offer. Last year I had the pleasure of assisting my good friend Michael with his game Final Days at the festival and at the time really enjoyed the exposure and interaction with potential game players. This year will be my opportunity to do the same and share the enormous amount of work I have put into my game and the pride that comes with it.

So if you find yourself at a loose end be sure to come down and check out the Perth Game Festival on 1st of October at the Perth Town Hall ( for further details)



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