Networking and Networking

Over the weekend I caught up with a very talent local Perth developer called Claude. We caught up for a coffee and talked about our respective projects. Claude has been working on his game for a similar time to what I have but has build his engine from the ground up! Not only is he a great coder but has done all his own art as well and from what he shared with me I can say that he is a game developer of great talent. We had quite a long chat and I left feeling very inspired for the weekend ahead.

Building on this inspiration I dove head on in to some more networking code and after 2 very late nights was able get the inventory system converted to support networking as well as adding loot containers and serialisation to file as part of the chunk. What this means is now the only major outstanding element of network implementation is that of the inhabitants of the the Little Bit Lost world, the ants, spiders and other arthropods.

So ideally the end of the month should have me back to adding content and play testing on a network. This time last year I was not a fan of network code. Comparatively this year many lessons learned have made it enjoyable and the prospect exciting. Below I have included a test I am doing to make crafting more intuitive.

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