Global Game Jam 2018

Over the weekend Matt and I had the pleasure of being joined by old friends and new to participate in the 10th annual Global Game Jam. The theme this year was “Transmission” which was a little reminiscent of last years theme “Waves”.

Our team consisted of Jake, Manuel, Mike, Drew, Fred, Matt and myself. We later recruited Aaran to do some music and audio.

We dove straight into the theme really thinking about what we wanted to produce and how we were going to achieve it. We settled on the idea of real time strategy style where the player took on the persona of a god transmitting their message to the people of a steam punk town, trying to route out a spreading heresy spread by a sinner through the use of various divine powers.

What resulted was a crazy weekend of intense work, learning of new skills, lack of sleep and bonding over an amazing shared experience.

You can check out Complication of Faith here or watch a video of what we had by the end of the weekend below.


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