Art Styles + Life Styles

Hi guys

Looks like it’s time I made a blog post! Exciting!

Coming onto the team with Grae has been an experience for sure. I’ve never taken on a roll as large as this outside of game jams so my nerves were dancing around during the first week. I’m absolutely loving the idea behind the game and the direction it’s going. So, what I’ve been working on:

New Creatures:
After planning out some sprints with Grae one creature I’ve been excited about creating is a Slater Beetle. I think seeing a giant one walking around in game would be a cool thing for players to encounter. So far I think I’ve managed to get the shell down packed.

New Craft-able Items:
One cool item I’m looking forward to seeing in the game is the Forge. A player can create after gathering some simple supplies around the world. Using the item cook food and after certain upgrades melt/manipulate certain items.

The biggest issue I’ve found so far in taking part in this project is, as my old lecturer used to put it, “life gets in the way” And only now I’m seeing how true those words are. Juggling my part time job and social aspects of life are one challenge but also my mental health. Not to get too far into it but I can easily say I think I’m working with the best dev I can right now, Grae has been so supportive throughout everything and I hope I can deliver some amazing content to show off to you guys soon!

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