The Grand Scale of Things

Another art update for you guys


Recently been hard at work modelling assets in the small time around life responsibilities and retail work. The biggest challenge I’m finding so far is modelling to scale. With the game based around the idea the player has shrunk down to the size of an ant I had it in my head that I must make everything as if it was 2-5cm tall. It didn’t click at the time that the grass for example is basically the size of a tree to the player. So would have to be modelled accordingly.

After realising that this was the case, it made modelling to scale a lot easier.


A neat trick to exporting from Maya to Unity is to set the scale in Maya to Meters then model the actual size you need. Then when exporting as FBX or OBJ, set export scale to CM and it would be a scale of 1:1 for Unity 🙂

Made life just a little bit easier.

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