Beer, White (paint) and (good) spirits!

Hi All,

Thing have been going at a rapid pace lately with the team now at 4 people!! To think I started this project over 3 years ago on my own to now have such a great team around me is an honour.

Beer stud

Aaran, our newest member of the team

Joining the team most recently was Aaran as our sound and music maestro. He brings to the team a wealth of knowledge not only in the sound space but also in the business and marketing areas.

As a full team we are very excited to announce –


It may not be a surprise to some of you but count this as our official announcement.

The team with the support of Sof

So with PAX on the road map we need to start thinking about everything that we need to do for that. One of the things that needed to be done was our team shirts. So as a team we all got together with the help of one of the amazing members of our local game dev scene, Sof, and screen printed our own shirts and jumpers.

So with a few supplies, a carton of beer and a few pizzas we began chipping away at the task. The results were amazing and we are really excited to show them off. We hope they are going to be one of the things that draws people in to say hi. That and the banner that we have for the booth background will also be a major feature but will save that for another day… 😉

Some cool swag for our cool team



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