December 2018

The latest release of Little Bit Lost is now available. Players will have a bit more content, a few fixes and few new systems to contend with. Please make sure you have update via the app or download the latest version at

The release includes the below changes


  • Added upgrade from blocks
  • Allows for the bottle cap to be upgrade to the forge
  • Preview the model before placement with a faded highlight
  • Added forge kit recipe
  • Blocks now drop a minimum and maximum number of items on a percentage
  • Added support for texture atlas on voxel drops
  • Shovel sprite and shovel head sprite
  • Plastic Tipped Spear



  • Update to Unity 2018.3.0f1
  • Ant UV rework and re texture
  • Added slight random deviation to items spawns.
  • Increased rock pile drops



  • Stopped shovel being throwable
  • Fixed some clutter assets for overlay support
  • Fixed an animation bug with thrown weapons


Known Issues

  • Lanterns cause an odd light effect on the ground shader (lanterns can only be acquired from the creative menut)
  • When dying stamina stops being consume by running (Still need more investigation)