PAX 2019 Build

The latest release of Little Bit Lost is now available. Players will have a bit more content, a few fixes and few new systems to contend with. Please make sure you have update via the app or download the latest version at

The release includes the below changes


  • Added Hammock
  • Added waypoint on Hammock
  • Added spawn point on Hammock
  • Added Rewired support
  • New Menu Scene
  • Added new shader and material for distance terrain
  • Added distant trees (They can’t be reached, yet)
  • Added auto-looter
  • Added smal black ant
  • Added controller support
  • Added sand and rock blocks
  • Added clover and clover fields
  • Added some music
  • Added Volumetric fog


  • Dropped Voxel Texture
  • Pickups Go To Belt First
  • Convert all models to common FBX format
  • Change overlay behavior based on block
  • Tech Art Tweaks
  • Changed jumping to be charged jumping
  • Holding right mouse or left trigger enters alt fire mode
  • Cleaned up time of day
  • Removed DOF from moon and stars made stars move
  • Changed sounds on redback
  • Changed mushrooms to glow slightly
  • Updated Mirror networking
  • Change UI look
  • Changed chunk rendering to use time budgets
  • Changed spear to rotate in flight
  • Minor text changes
  • Reduce Bee damage


  • Fixed voxel addition upwards stops rendering
  • Fixed mushroom and insect meat item scales
  • Removed UI element from thrown spear
  • Fixed animation loop on punching
  • Fixed occasionally screen would go black at very specific locations

Known Issues

  • There is an occasional crash caused by a memory access violation. This error is caused by the underlying Unity engine and has been logged with Unity.
  • Small black ant has issues with legs