PAX Aus Update

Build 0.0.10 (cumulative of 0.0.1 – 0.0.10)

The below is included in this build


  • Game Tutorial
  • Added right shit can make player run
  • Added plastic chunks
  • Added generic death sound to Ant and Spider
  • Added blood particles for creature hits/harvest
  • Added check for block placement to avoid trapping player
  • Added in weave table model
  • Added Slater move Sound
  • Ambient sound track synced with world time of day


  • Darkened buttons in main menu
  • Added a minimum spawn range to stop spawning very close to the player.
  • Fixed more creatures being able to spawn than allowed by spawner
  • Fixed creatures spawning before their delay was up
  • Stopped big object carry clipping through clutter
  • Fixed an animation bug with the throwing spear
  • Fixed loot box not opening
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity not persisting
  • Fixed loot box billboard not working correctly
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity can go to 0
  • Fixed defaulting recipes to the wrong recipe when opening crafting or craft table
  • Fixed belt items sometimes obscure the belt number
  • Fixed debug details can be shown regardless of debug mode
  • Fixed Creature emitter throwing errors
  • Fixed dropping items did not trigger grey out of recipes
  • Fixed items in belt did not correctly show recipe requirements
  • Fixed sometime chunk mesh was not ready
  • Fixed sprout and moss particles
  • Fix for lacking a null sound reference breaking game scene with butterfly in creature com script – added a ping sound for tutorial messages
  • Fixed bug where shift clicking to loot container stopped working
  • Fixed with swarm spawner causing ants to stop spawning
  • Some minor fixes to Player inventory controller


  • Removed redundant script
  • Standardised the message to players for pickup
  • Tweaked swarm spawner range
  • Moved options script to correct location
  • Lowered tutorial bell sound in mix and slight balance with world sounds
  • Update dirt voxel colour and standardised pebble naming

Known Issues

  • Occasionally player can catch up to world generation.
  • While crafting opening the weave table transfers crafting queue to the table.
  • Occasionally changing the spear to throwing mode cause holding position to be incorrect.
  • Spider can jump through objects.