Alpha 1.0


  • Corpse Harvest overhaul. There are now get different benefits from harvesting a corpse with different items.
  • Additions of crafting table.
  • First crafting table, the Weaving table, is now able to be crafted and contains recipes. A new model and texture will be present for it in the next release.
  • Damage matrix implementation for attacking creatures with different damage types and defence types, as well as for harvesting.
  • Added ability to have different rotation on clutter with NPC path-finding profiles.
  • Crafting changes so that queue functions are more obvious.


  • Occasional path finding issue that caused creatures to go “sideways”.
  • Path finding did not always honour height restrictions.
  • When clutter was removed, NPC path-finding profiles were not updating, causing bad path finding.
  • Creatures were not being aggressive when set to be.
  • When cancelling some recipes, components were not all returned to the players inventory.
  • Persistent status effect items some times did not update when switching equipment.
  • When being killed by some creatures (bee and ant) the creature would be stuck in an animation state.
  • Respawning occasionally failed to work.

Known issues

  • When some XML data is changed incorrectly, errors are thrown that are not meaningful.
  • NPCs get on tall objects and don’t come back down.
  • NPCs movement occasionally causes shuddering.