At the moment the team consists of four members. As a team we have a lot of fun with the project and are really enjoying working together.

Grae Saunders

Creator, designer, programmer and 3D Artist.

Having been an avid fan of video games for most of his life Grae was very excited to get involved in the game development community. Having a background in predominantly traditional IT support Grae is self taught in nearly all aspects of development. Grae is not one to let the scale of his dreams or lack of experience hold him back and relishes the challenge that Little Bit Lost presents.




Matt Halse

3D Artist, designer, video editor, Unity generalist and marketing editor

With a strong interest in video games, movies and comics, Matt has always been interested in how games are made as well as the development process. After completing a 3 year Game Development course at Central Tafe in 2015, Matt began to focus on furthering connections within the local game developer community. This lead onto meeting Grae and working on a few game jams together before eventually joining the team as an artist. Matt is keen and ready to be working on this project, bringing some new ideas to the table as well as helping expand and grow the project as a whole.






Drew Paridaens

Programmer, Unity Developer, Community Manager

Drew has been a gamer since he developed the ability to hold objects between his fingers, noted for spending hours playing in front of the static screen that used to play on TVs when there was no signal with a controller. Drew is yet to graduate a Games Technology degree, being in his second year, but doesn’t let his impostor syndrome slow him down. He met Grae and Matt by chance at  Melbourne International Game Week, which is as a great a recommendation for getting out in your chosen field as can be given. Since then he has been brought onto the Little Bit Lost team, which is giving him a chance to really shine.




Aaran Gicquel

Sound Designer, Musician & Marketing Strategist.

A musician foremost and currently lead guitarist in Perth indie rock outfit Sully, Aaran has been involved with self marketing, recording and writing music since picking up a guitar in high school. After participating in his first game jam in 2017 he began to start making small unity games for his previous band Furniture’s singles self teaching himself to code and design interactive experiences. An avid interest in the local Perth games community by participating in the planning and running of Perth Games Festival, Potluck and Let’s Make Games events has lead Aaran to joining the team with the goal of designing the games sounds and systems to make the most engaging experience possible.